Welcome to Dry Drivers.Com

Dry Drivers: the designated driving professionals

Our service offers you a safe transportation alternative by sending one of our professional "chauffeurs" to drive you home in the comfort and convenience of your own vehicle. Our service ensures that you will never again have to risk driving after drinking just because you need your car home at the end of the night.

Our value proposition is simple
We provide chauffeur quality service at industry leading prices.

Don't worry, our drivers will take care of you
Our drivers are uniformed professionals who have undergone extensive training and are aided by portable navigational devices. As a result our drivers are able to service your request in a timely manner.

Every trip is backed by a specialized insurance policy through Dry Drivers.
While using our service customers are covered for both collision and liability.

The decision is easy. Skip the cab and get your car home
With our unparalleled service, the convenience of your own vehicle, and prices competitive with a standard cab fare, you should call Dry Drivers today. You'll find yourself never wanting to ride home in a cab again.